Hi folks

Before we get into the crochet fun, I need to announce that the winner of last week’s giveaway is :  Alice! Congrats!  I’ll email you with details on how to get your lovely pattern from TheMinersWife.  Hope you enjoy stitching up something gorgeous!

Now on to the crochet!  It’s just one more week until we begin the In a Spin Sampler Throw CAL.  I am so excited about it and to be honest a little overwhelmed with just how many folks are interested.  Hope its all you want it to be.

As I have only recently become a crochety type, I know I went looking for a lot of help when I first started.  So I thought before we start our crochet journey together, I’d put together a quick list of tips and tricks to help you out if you are just starting to crochet. Thanks…

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Some Great moments caught on camera

I am so excited to have finally downloaded all of the pictures off my phone to the computer. Trying to keep photos organized is becoming a chore! Is it sad I miss actual photos that I could physically touch and sort? I will share more on the plan of photo organizing in another post. As I was going through them I can not help but to laugh. So I thought I should share my smile with everyone! Hope you enjoy.


Meet Big P. She is the a kid on a toy box. Well my friends… PLEASE look closer! Notice she is pointing at the lid? Do you see the little hand poking out of the lid? Well…. that would be little p!


Front load… not such a great idea!


An amazing moment…


caught on our way to the Omaha Zoo!




YES!!!! This happens OFTEN! But hey… at least we are all asleep!


Time to buy winter clothes… Buuurrrr

Big P and Little p are having a hard time adjusting to the time change. Today little p was the first awake. She was running hot laps around the kitchen by 6:30 this morning,  maybe an hour nap and they didn’t go to sleep until almost 9:00p.m.!

None the less, we had a full day of playing, made lots of play dough worms and colored for what seemed like an hour and of course deleted my homework twice. 🙂 I wish it wasn’t so chilly so we could spend more time outside. We are going to have to start getting creative around here.


  As it is getting cooler I am putting off going through their closet yet again. It seems as if I was just doing this.  This also means new winter shoes (I do not think sandals will work in the snow)  jeans, socks and long sleeve shirts. The hardest part about little girls that was never an issue with boys… the dang shoes! They need a gagillion pairs each to go with their outfits!  I am going to go on a mission of finding the cutest outfits for the lowest prices. Of course i will share! Personally I love Children’s Place. They have pretty good price points and the clothing is good quality.

A children’s place  favorite…



How cute is this skirt on Clarence from Target?

Cherokee® Infant Toddler Girls Plaid Skirt - Pink


Maybe it is a good thing I never leave the house! Dressing little girls is a lot of fun.


The sound of MOOOOOMMMMYYYYYYY at 6:15 a.m.  ahhh Day light savings time I thank you ha! 


   Somedays… o.k. well most days, I am 100% spent by nap time. The girls go NON STOP! I swear they have more energy than 10 people! I can not believe how very lucky I am! I cherrish every giggle, every squeal, every I love you even the NO’s and new found fighting with each other Yes, I enoy it! Seriously so many people are so caught up in ‘life” they forget to enjoy what we are fighting and working for. I am one lucky Momma to see it and hang on to it. This stuff passes way to quickly. In the blink of an eye they will be all grown up, out socializing and to busy for Mom.Thus I vow to cherrish every second I am given as a gift. Hang on to it, treasure it and try to tuck it in to my forever memory bank. Someday in 40 years I hope to reflect on this time and see it as clearly as I do today.



        Crazy Daddy worked on my crafting area on Saturday. He got me an AMAZING workbench for my birthday!

It’s going to be so handy, I can not wait for it to be done! We put the lego table and a toy box in there so MAYBE just MAYBE I can finish a project! We;The girls and I, were down there for a very brief period yesterday, of course Big P tried to climb a cabinet and it fell over on her so that ended the craft room time. There were some tears, lots of snuggles and a tiny owie.


      Hope ya all have had a great day! See ya tomorrow!